Tamar Aviv

Prosthetic Make up Designer
artistic project management
key prosthetic make up artist

The fascination for man and nature in all its facets is the core of Tamar Aviv's work. ist der Kern der Arbeit von Tamar Aviv. 
In her work as a prosthetic make-up artist, she analyzes the human appearance in a multi-layered way and creates vivid illusions on people and dummies that convince the audience with their realism.

In 2005 Tamar Aviv founded Twilight Creations with Jörn Seifert.
Tamar specialized in art finishing and prosthetic design. She works for Twilight Creations and international prosthetic make up designers as Key Prosthetic Make up Artist for productions like Harry Potter, Inglorious Basterds or Carnival Row. With sensitivity for the for the interplay of application and actor, she creates convincing make up effects in the completion of this fusion.

Tamar Aviv works as a freelance lecturer at the August Everding Theaterakademie in Munich and leads the workshop area of Twilight Creations. Online or in a one2one setting, SFX artists can train their Prosthetic Make up skills here in person with Tamar Aviv.

Why do we look the way we do? What does our life do to our appearance? How can we narrate that life?
These questions drive Tamar Aviv and let her create the hyper-realistic transformations Twilight Creations is known for.

Jörn Seifert

Prosthetic Make up Designer
artistic project management
SFX Make-up Artist

Jörn Seifert pulls the strings at Twilight Creations, manages the international team and is the contact person and interface between crew and production in artistic matters.

As the son of a veterinarian, he developed a fascination early on for the anatomy and physiognomy of bodies - for "what holds us together inside". After his training as a make-up artist at the Mephisto make-up school Hasso von Hugo and several years of professional experience as an SFX make-up artist, he teamed up with Tamar Aviv in 2005 - the company Twilight Creations was born.

Jörn's steadily growing expertise and his excellent national and international network in the film scene let him contribute as a make-up artist and prosthetic designer to various big productions, such as The Voyage of Demeter, The Physician, Matrix 4 or the cult series Dark (Netflix).

In addition, Jörn is the creative head of the product range of the Twilight-Creations Shop&Rentals online store,which has been supplying the international make-up artist scene with high-quality prosthetics and trauma tattoos for years.

The mixture of expertise, human sensitivity, and the ambition for further development has let Jörn Seifert bring together the right specialists for the high-end SFX jobs at Twilight Creations. This is how great special effects are created in a familiar, productive setting.